Nehemiah 11 & 12

Book of NehemiahNehemiah Chapters 11 & 12

Home stretch here…

Nehemiah knows that great things will be done in this city and it needed to be populated to stay safe.  “Now the leaders of the people settled in Jerusalem,” (v1) “The people commended all the men who volunteered to live in Jerusalem.” (v2)  Everyone knew that this place was going to be a target.  It has been destroyed before and now with the wall rebuilt, it would be a target again.  Yet, some people still volunteered to be the ones to lead and protect.  What risk takers!  These people gave up these nicer houses and land to live in an area that had been decimated.  They were sacrificing themselves and their comfort for a bigger purpose.

What are you sacrificing for Him?
Do you give until it hurts?
Are you in an uncomfortable place because He has called you there?


Chapter 12 lists the priests and Levites.  Sometimes (I admit it) when they just list names of people I tend to skim over that section.  How am I supposed to know these people?  But, stumbled across an interesting fact: Abijah from verse 4 is ancestor of John the Baptist (Luke 1:5)  God gives us these names for a reason.  We can follow the geneology of Jesus plus the people, kings and priests that paved the way for our Savior to arrive!  It’s so interesting to me (I know I’m a nerd!)

The leaders of Judah plus 2 large choirs and musicians marched on top of the wall giving thanks to God.  I think it’s so interesting that musicians are right up there with the leaders of this nation.  When budget cuts come around, what is the first to go?  The music program!  God makes music a priority for a reason.  It is important!  Yes, I am married to a musician and music teacher.  A trumpet player none the less!  God loves to use trumpets to sound in glory (and warning like in the book of Revelation!)

“as well as some priests with trumpets,” (v35)

If you have ever stood close to a trumpet, you know how loud this could be!  I’m sure this was no quiet celebration.  Singing and instruments probably got a little crazy.  “The sound of rejoicing in Jerusalem would be heard far away.” (v43)  These weren’t a people scared of attack.  These were a people excited for what God had done for them and they were letting everyone know it.


Are you praising God loudly? and letting Him know how thankful you are for what He has done for you?


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