Nehemiah Challenge

Book of NehemiahThis week’s challenge involves getting into The Word!

We will be reading through the book of Nehemiah.

One of my favorite verses comes from this book (I’ll let you know when we get there!)

Plus, it has 13 chapters.  Perfect for a week of reading!  Feel free to go a little slower and check back in here to go over the chapters :)

A wonderful blog shereadstruth  is going through the book of Nehemiah and has an accompanying study book to go along with it.  They are spending a good amount of time going through this so check out their site if you are interested!

If you have never read the Bible like this before, it’s ok.  I know it can seem overwhelming.  Now is as good a time as any to start, right?  A passion of mine is to get people to read Scripture.  We need to know who He is and what He’s done.  It is impossible to be a true Christian and say you believe in the Bible when you don’t know what it says.  If you don’t have a Bible, go get one! Download it onto your phone or tablet. Ask a friend what translation they have and get one that makes sense to you.  If you don’t understand the New King James language it won’t be much help when you are trying to figure out what God is telling you.

Here is a woman that is very inspirational to me and challenged me to go deeper:  check out her blog post to see how she reads and studies The Word.

Don’t worry… we will do this together.  For these type of challenges, I will post daily on what I learned from the reading (I will also post on Instagram).  I hope my thoughts and commentary help you understand it a little bit better.  I would love to hear what spoke to you in the daily chapters.

Remember: to become more like Jesus we need to spend time with Him.  We spend time with Him in prayer and in His Word.

Try to really sit down and have some quiet “you and God” time!  Even if it’s on the train with some earplugs or lunch break at the deli, He will honor this time you made for Him!


Get an idea of who Nehemiah is (you can google it!) and read chapters 1 & 2

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