Nehemiah 3 & 4

Book of NehemiahToday’s challenge was chapters 3 and 4!

Chapter 3 “Builders of the Wall”

When I started reading this, I thought why is he just listing who built this wall?  I don’t know who any of these people are!  Am I supposed to know who Meshulla, son of Berekiah is?  It wasn’t until I got to verse 8 that I started to care.  “Uzziel son of Harhaiah, one of the goldsmiths, repaired the next section; and Hananiah, one of the perfume-makers, made repairs next to that.  They restored Jerusalem as far as the Broad Wall.”  Wow, a goldsmith and a perfume-maker were working on this massive undertaking.  People that don’t seem to have any of the skills necessary to build this wall are in on the project.  God didn’t only call the carpenters and craftsmen to be a part of this!  No, He is using regular ole people that want to be a part of something great.  They are volunteers, simply showing up to be His servants in the rebuilding.

That is fantastic news for you and me!  I surely don’t feel like I have any major skills.  I can’t speak at a conference, or write a book: what kind of wall could I help build? What I do have is a heart for Jesus and a desire to be used.

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Nehemiah Chapters 1 & 2

Book of NehemiahFirst of all, who is Nehemiah?

His name means: “Jehovah comforts”

He is the governor of the Jews who returned from exile

In the first line we find out that he is the son of Hacaliah.  In the Jewish culture, it is all about your paternal heritage.  That’s why everyone is mentioned as the “son of so-and-so.”  Hacaliah means “wait for Yahweh.”  Yahweh is the name God gave himself.  I’m a nerd, I like these these kind of details.  As my high school english teacher would say “God is in the details!”  Oh boy is He!

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Nehemiah Challenge

Book of NehemiahThis week’s challenge involves getting into The Word!

We will be reading through the book of Nehemiah.

One of my favorite verses comes from this book (I’ll let you know when we get there!)

Plus, it has 13 chapters.  Perfect for a week of reading!  Feel free to go a little slower and check back in here to go over the chapters :)

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Muir Woods
Do you ever get the push from God?  Not a gentle nudge… like a full on push?  Yeah, that’s what I felt to write this post.  I had another topic all set to go for today and I ended up writing this the other night because I felt like this was supposed to be written now.  So, here it is.

Recently, over the past few weeks, God has put one word on my heart: steadfast.  It would keep coming up in verses I was reading and posts on Instagram.  I would be listening to songs that I had heard a million times and that would be the word that I would hear loud and clear.  It became obvious that I was supposed to be thinking about this specific word.  I said, “Ok God, I’ll think about when I get some time.”  He had other plans.

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My Testimony

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Welcome to His Good Soil!  I’m so happy to have you join me on this journey.  I figured for my first post I should give you a little background about me and how I came to walk with Jesus.

I didn’t come to know The Lord until I was 26 years old.  At that point in my life, I was pretty much the opposite of a Christian.  I described myself as an agnostic, really not believing in anything.  My life was nowhere that I wanted it to be.  I was very lost.  Angry and I wasn’t sure why.  Depressed over my situation.  I had made a lot of mistakes.  I didn’t think there was hope for happiness.  My boss at the time (Rob) was a Christian and he had such a great family and just had a peaceful presence.  How do I get that I wondered.

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